I cant find an approach to remind them both

I cant find an approach to remind them both

I would personally be happier for any of most other WWM to processor chip within the having people knowledge to the contrary, specifically observation about nuts, however in my personal opinion, they cannot make use of them such as say eg, pelagic seafood. Maybe it harks from their lifetime, residing in commune having anemones, and you can rarely leaving their tentacles, it is far from a behavior replicated in the great outdoors. If your clowns possess a condition, I suggest you look round WWM and attempt and you will identify what is actually can get/could be or take one advice on a course of cures. I won’t rely on a solution shrimp providing.

Cleaner Organisms 1/2/08 Hey Crew, Is there any biological cleaner organisms I can put in my tank with a large Lionfish?

I have a large Raccoon Butterfly in there with some sort of white, wormlike, burrowing parasite on his side, but I can’t think of anything I can put in there that wouldn’t become an appetizer. Or are lions smart enough not to eat cleaner gobies/shrimp/etc? <> Jim

I currently have six Lysmata shrimp about container

Cleaner Wrasse or Cleaner Shrimp? 4/ Hey what’s up, I just bought and undulate triggerfish from my LFS and it is doing fine. It is in a tank with a green wolf eel and a tesselata or honeycomb moray. I was wondering if I could put a cleaner wrasse or cleaner shrimp in the tank with them? Continue reading